The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes
(Marcel Proust)

Our future life is characterized by increasing uncertainty and complexity. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to reconcile their lives and work.

The true capital of a company is not to be found in technology or strategy, but in people and the way they use their brains. Positive human energy ensures economic success!

But that’s exactly where the problem lies: people’s energy and thinking power is becoming more and more important to achieve success, but at the same time we are causing increasing exhaustion. Our need for meaning, belonging and self-efficacy is deeply anchored in our brain.

But there is a constantly increasing number of companies worldwide that achieve better results, spend less resources and where people work with more joy.

What if we tried to achieve our goals by drawing 20%, 30% or even 40% more talent from our employees?
Working in a company is like a big puzzle. As long as everyone is just working on their piece of the puzzle, it’s hard to see the big picture. This is only possible if everyone knows what the other pieces of the puzzle will look like and what the result will be. During my journey through South America, I learned that the Kogi ask themselves, “Is this decision meaningful for us and for the seven generations that come after us? A beautiful thought.

In my workshops I take into account the typical challenges of the modern working world and the current culture of life, recall the familiar and show new things. Psychology and neuroscience do not find an answer to all problems, but they offer a fascinating approach to what burdens, moves and inspires people. I’ll show you the screws you need to move to positively influence your employees, less about familiar models or tools. We leave the beaten track together and embrace new approaches.