That’s what people say:

Absolutely recommendable
Danielle Hellebrand inspired the participants at the female entrepreneurs’ congress in Dresden. Her presentation was at the end of the day and offered a crowning finale to the congress. One would have heard “a pin drop” – it was so quiet during her lecture and Mrs. Hellebrand was so fascinated with her way of lecturing. The very complex topic of the functioning of the human brain was explained by her so vividly, humorously, entertainingly and easily understandably that also at the end of the day, where the concentration of the participants is usually down, really everyone listened banished to 100% and was inspired. Thank you very much, dear Danielle, and good luck!

Daniela Kreissig-
Organizer of the Dresden Congress of Women Entrepreneurs

The keynote lecture on ‘Better Brains@Work’ inspired my managers and me very much and led to new approaches. The presentation was authentic, realistic and very lively. It was a great pleasure’.

G. Büttner, Managing Director gkv informatik GbR

I have been regularly coached by Danielle Hellebrand for 3 years. It is always a great enrichment to leave the daily business behind in order to face the “big questions” from a distance. Her joy of living and her positive attitude is transferred to my way of working. Her healthy mixture of humour and attention made the sessions valuable hours for me.

Rudolph Hofer, CEO Transbozen, Italy – Bolzano

The cooperation with Mrs. Hellebrand was very professional and pleasant from the very beginning. Her straightforwardness, openness, empathy and team spirit with which she nourishes people makes working together a pleasure. She combines analytical skills with psychological factors and practical experience. I can only recommend Mrs. Hellebrand as a partner in consulting and cooperation!

Franz Obermayer, CEO Complimant AG, Deutschland

Dear Daniëlle,
I hope you’re fine. I would like to thank you. At the moment I feel very good. I wish you all the best and say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the very good conversations, which really helped me a lot to see the situations and people from a different perspective.

Tamara V. from the city of Aachen

I came to Danielle because of professional problems because I had stress and burnout symptoms for a long time. Danielle quickly found the origin of my problems. Through attentive listening and her personal approach to the question, she held a mirror up to me so that I could reflect on my own behaviour.
This taught me how to deal with challenges in a different way. In my private life things have also changed – thanks to Danielle’s practical advice, I feel much firmer and calmer at the moment.

Marilou V. from the city of Maastricht 

After my separation I felt very uncomfortable. I found no balance between work and private life and felt anxious, sometimes helpless, without energy. On the recommendation of a friend I came to Danielle. With her pleasant, warm personality I dared to open myself up.
I feel much better now, although I still have to work on the situation. The step to seek help in Danielle Hellebrand’s practice was the best I took last year.

Guido K. from the city of Aachen