Even the most traditional business leaders have a sense that something isn’t working
(Frederic Laloux, Reinventing Organisations)

As a manager, how can I ensure that employees are positively influenced, that they are loved and that they can make a difference?
How can I inspire them and assess them correctly?

Managers often work in a complex and challenging environment. Different interests in their environment do not make it easy to find a sparring partner.

As your coach and as an experienced executive, I offer you to work together at eye level, with deep understanding and trust. Because we must not forget: the potential that we humans have consists of empathy, attentiveness and compassion. People are relationship beings and only in a constructive relationship can development take place. This applies to all areas in which people interact with each other.

As a sparring partner I am there to think, motivate and question.

Coaching is as old as mankind itself

Start wherever you are and start small