Nothing in nature lives for itself.
Rivers don’t drink their own water.
Trees don’t eat their own fruit.
The sun doesn’t shine for itself.
A flower’s fragrance is not for itself. 

Living for each other and sharing is the rule of nature.

How do we stay fit for the future? In which world do we want to live and work?

Wouldn’t you like to live in a working world where we meet from person to person? In which we are recognized and valued? In which we find self-realization and do with enthusiasm what interests us and what we are good at?

In my search for how this can be realized, I was inspired by encounters with exciting people as well as interesting companies.

We humans are first and foremost social beings. Today more than ever we need a working world in which humanity finds its place. Because especially in our complex knowledge society we are more than ever instructed in the power of thought, competence and ability to cooperate of other people. Let us work together to create inspiring jobs ‘with heart and brain’.

Consequently, we need an intact social behaviour, healthy employees and a pleasant work culture to be able to act successfully.

We know that extensive employee participation leads to economic success. Investments in successful relationships pay off disproportionately for every company. We must combine human growth with economic success. From IQ to WeQ.

I simplify insights from neuroscience research into smart actionable strategies.

I encourage and show ways to use the insights we have gained about our social brains both professionally and privately.

The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life’

In het programma 1op1 van WijLimburg TV staat de mens achter het werk centraal. In een vraaggesprek wordt de kijker meegenomen naar het werk van de gast en krijgen we een blik achter de schermen van zijn of haar privéleven.

Ein im Herbst 2018 geführtes Interview zum Thema Wirkung von Veranstaltungsatmosphären auf Networking und den Umgang miteinander. Ich erläutere, warum es wichtig ist, sich im beruflichen Kontext nicht nur kompetent zu verhalten, sondern auch geborgen zu fühlen.

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IQ drops due to work stress

Stress doesn’t help in any case, “Look at your workplace. Stress starts in the absence of social interaction: not a nice team, not a pleasant atmosphere, distrust. The greatest pain but also the greatest joy we feel have to do with relationships.”